Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments

Three spin offs have been created out of CERPTA:


An enterprise specializing in developing probiotics and active components

Following the 2004 spin-off of AB-BIOTICS from the University Autònoma of Barcelona (UAB), their initial focus was on applying innovative technology to help cheese makers differentiate their products through biotechnology. This quickly expanded to other areas of microbiology, focused on developing novel probiotics and specialty dietary supplements.

By investing in the development of a large, proprietary bank of wild-type bacterial strains (over 550), AB-BIOTICS has developed a pipeline of products with novel, patentable performance characteristics. Their pipeline includes a range of proprietary supplements designed to improve health – from products that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease to those that can help in the management of diabetes. Their pipeline also covers the development spectrum from marketed product, to proof-of-concept, and includes products that have been licensed to global food and pharmaceutical enterprises.

To support their internal product development, they have leveraged their growing technical microbiology expertise to expand into providing contract R&D Project Management services to the nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Contact: Sergi Audivert i Miquel A. Bonachera



Felnuti is an enterprise developing foods for alergies and intolerances

The enterprise is dedicated to the field of developing specialized foods for people with allergies or intolerance, with particular attention to gluten and lactose intolerance and allergies to proteins of different foods. This young enterprise intends to develop a wide range of quality products at an accessible price (in an initial stage bread and bakery products). The collective/enterprise is growing in number and importance day by day, both at a national and international level.

The main objective is to improve the quality of life of people that suffer eating disorders, on the one hand improving the general quality of the products, trying to make them as similar to the conventional product as possible, while on the other hand selling at an accessible price so that they may be consumed by all the family, thereby avoiding the social exclusion of these people at the table.

Contact: Buenaventura Guamis i Martin Buffa


Ypsicon is a technology-based enterprise, dedicated to the development and commercialization of machinery for new technologies (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical).

Ypsicon is dedicated to the design, research, development and commercialization of production lines, machinery and accessories for the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The team are specialists in high pressure technology, commercializing ultra high pressure homogenization (UHPH) equipment.

The aim of Ypsicon is to offer technology that obtains treatments with comparable levels of sterilization to those obtained with conventional thermal treatments (UHT) while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional quality of the treated products.