Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments


Our fields of work and investigation are configured around areas of specialization of two types:

1) In relation with determined food categories.

2)On concrete processes and treatments to which they are submitted.

Our methodology is based on this double focus, on prime matter and the keys of treatment and transformation of this same prime matter, orientated to producing relevant, viable and efficient results for the industry.

Besides this conventional technology, CERPTA works with emerging technology which allows the preservation of  foods without altering the nutritional and sensorial properties of the product.




- Dairy Products

- Poultry and derived products

- Vegetable drinks

- Fish and seafood

- Bread and bakery

- Wine and Fermented drinks

- Functional foods

- IV and V gamma products

- Food pathogens

- Processing markers (microorganisms, enzymes…)

- Process optimization 
         Processing control using optic sensors
         Improved functional properties (nanoencapsulation)
         Improved yield
         Validation of equipment and processing
         Thermal treatments (UHT / pasteurization)
         High pressure treatments
         Ultra high pressure homogenization treatments          High intensity electromagnetic pulse treatments
         Processing control using optic sensors
- Food toxicology

- Development of new products