Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments

Temperature increase


CERPTA has two pasteurizers capable of 200 and 500 L/h, with skimmer. CERPTA also has a tubular pasteurizer with single-stage homogeneizer capable of working at 500 L/h.

We also have an electronic mobile pasteurizer with a capacity for 50 to 200 L/h that can be transported to any installation.


We have an indirect UHT sterilizer with multi-tube heat exchanger (UHT GEA FINNAH) capable of 1000L/h nominal flow with treatments possible from 136ºC to 150ºC with a retention time of 2, 4, 6 and 15 seconds, attached to a double-stage homogeneizer (NIRO Soavi).

We also have water baths and an autoclave with 100L capacity.

Temperature reduction


A liquid nitrogen tank is available and a freezer with 2m3 capacity with temperature sensors for studying the speed of freezing in each zone of the product.