Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments
  Instrumental analysis laboratory

A laboratory with controlled temperature, with qualified technicians and the latest generation of equipment at the client’s service: HPLC-UV/VIS, GC-FID, GC_FID-MS, Capillary electrophoresis, Texture meter TA-TX2, Rheometer ThermoHaake RS1, Color meter, Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, TGA, DSC, NIR analyzer of clotting activity-CoAguLab, Optigraph, CINAC, Gelograph, Ultrasonic milk analyzer-Milkana, Turbiscan, Accelerated Solvent extractor.

Microbiological analysis laboratory 

A laboratory with capacity to work with pathogenic microorganisms (Security level P3) with qualified personnel and equipped with: biosafety cabinet, autoclaves, Stomaker mixer, incubators, freezers/fridges, Minividas system and Bactometer.

Physicochemical analysis laboratory

CERPTA has several laboratories where different techniques can be applied to determine the composition and the functional and sensorial properties of products, as well as the development of alimentary formulas for subsequent plant scale productions.

These laboratories are equipped with: Soxhlet extractor for determining fats, heating muffles, ovens, ultracentrifuge, hygrometer, PH-meters, ASE fat extractor, chloride evaluator, analytical balances, precision balances and ultrasound baths.