Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments
The Director and the Project promoter of CERPTA visit Alimentària 2014

In this edition of the food fair Alimentària 2014,CERPTA has actively participated in the Brokerage Event organized by ACC10, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and the Enterprise European Network, holding bilateral meetings with potential partners.


Kirin Beverage company visits CERPTA Pilot Plant

On Thursday 20 March, Mr. Koichi Matsuda and Mr.Takanori Nishijima of japanese Kirin Beverage Group, jointly with the company YPSICON, visited CERPTA Pilot Plant. This Japanese group is one of the largest in their country, which integrated four beverage companies (Kirin Brewery Co.,Ltd., Mercian Corp., Kirin Beverage Co.,Ltd. and Kirin Co., Ltd.). Kirin beverage is involved in beverage business, which includes manufacturing and marketing of alcohol (beer, low-malt beer, non-malt beer, wine, chu-hi, shochu,and whiskey) and non alcohol (soft-drinks) beverages.  


CERPTA participation in CIBIA9 Congress

Between the 13th and 16th January, different members of CERPTA participated in the Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingenieríade Alimentos (CIBIA9), which took place in Valencia. The presented works were related with the processes and technologies used in the pilot plant of CERPTA, which include high isostatic pressures, ultra-high pressure homogenization (UHPH) and optic sensors.  


CERPTA got involved in the Technical Seminar: Food Safety

On 22 October, FoodLab and Girona Chamber of Commerce organized a technical seminar of food security, in order to promote the knowledge transference at regional level, in the framework of the Feria de Conocimiento, promoted by the Consejo Superior de Cámaras de Comercio.


CERPTA got involved to the conference with an oral presentation entitled The importance of scientific input to the guidelines of food safety practices, by Manuela Hernández Herrero PhD., who is a researcher of CERPTA and a Professor of Nutrition and food Science in the UAB.


CERPTA participates in the development of “SOFRESH functional soft drink”

CERPTA and the company PAYMSA (group CARINSA) have worked together to develop a new soft drink for the company SOFECO FOODS, S.L.  The drink contains blackberry and apple juices and it has antioxidant properties. SOFRESH is in solidarity with the Association of Mediterranean Entrepreneurs Women Organizations (AFAEMME), which is the project coordinator of gender equality European and Mediterranean business.

The soft drink will be presented during the events of the UAB Festival 2013, but recently, the product has already been distributed in the faculty of Philosophy and Literature, at the UAB.


CERPTA participated in the presentation of the Spanish Network of Artisan Cheese Factories

Between the 9th and 11th October, in Jose Abascal Street of Madrid, took place the presentation of the Red Española de Queserías de Campo y Artesanas (Spanish Network of Artisan Cheese Factories). Some time ago, this network organizes activities for the promotion and defence of small cheese factories; the Network participated in a non-legislative proposal ratified by the Health Commission of the Congress (related with the criteria in small cheese factories), and the organization of the 4th Congress of Small Artisan Cheese Factories, which took place in 2012, in Zafra. 


This event count with the participation of different specialists of cheese sector; cheese makers, who exposed their necessities, health inspectors, who exposed their particular problems when applying laws not adapted to the artisans, and members of Basque Country University, who explained the different types of cheese making in the territory.


Once more, CERPTA actively participated in the event, as a membership in this Network and offering all the support to future collaborations.


CERPTA still provides support to the cheese sector

Between the 9th and 11th October, in Atocha Rafael Hotel and organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the tasting sessions of “Food of Spain Best Cheese Award: Year 2013” took place.


This year, 241 cheeses from all the Autonomous Communities were presented in the contest. The contest included the categories of Indigenous Spanish Cheese (this category comprised seven groups of different cheeses in relation to the type of milk, the cheese-making technology and the ripening time), Organic Cheese Production and another category of Other Cheeses, which grouped very innovative products.


On behalf of CERPTA, our Project Director Martin Buffa Ph.D. attended the contest, who underlined the importance of this type of competitions to encourage the production and the dissemination of high quality food products, such as a market competitive element.


CERPTA assists to XII Conference FoodLab - Science and Technology. Culinary Industry Challenges

On July 3, the Dr. Jordi Saldo (Director of the Research Centre of Food Technology Plant) and the Dr. Martin Buffa (Projects Manager), participated in the XII Conference FoodLab organized in Riudellots.

The aim of the event was to present the scientific and technological challenges facedby large companies in the foodindustry and find solutionsto them within the agricultural innovation system (research, government, businessesvalue chain, etc.).

On this day, there was a special emphasis on the needs of “ready to eat food” (convenience food), so solvingthese challenges can lead to new business opportunities in the industry.


Start the Industrial PhD

Industrial PhD Plan is a strategy of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in collaboration with public and private universities, which aims to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of Catalan industry, retain talent and place Ph students able to develop R & D in a company.

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A delegation from the Brazilian government visit CERPTA

On29 May2013, a delegation fromthe Secretary of State for Scienceand Technology of the State of Mato Grosso has visited the facilities of the Food TechnologyPlant (CERPTA) and the UAB Research Park and to ascertain theCatalan transfer of technology and knowledge.

The director of the UAB Research Park,Buenaventura Guamis and managing director, Carlos Valero received theBrazilian delegation, which visitedCataloniawithin a program to meet international best practices related toinnovation centers and technology parks . Duringthe visit they visited thefacilities of the Food Technology Plant (CERPTA) and UABhave known the operatingmodel PRUAB and commitmentto develop strategic projects in collaboration with otherinstitutions countries.

Have been part of the Brazilian delegation to the Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Rafael Bello, the directorof the University of Mato Grosso, Adriano Aparecida,the director of Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa de MatoGrosso - FAPEMAT,Flávio Carvalho Fabricsda Silva, Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, João Carlos Hauer,manager of Education and Technology Mato Grosso,Rubens Oliver, as well as representatives of the Municipal Prefectureof Lucas do RioVerde and theLegislative Assembly of Mato Grosso.They were also accompanied by the heads of BarcelonaMedia Inovação Brazil Márcio José MoraisAlves Maia andMichael Richard.



A delegation from the UNIVERSITY BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY OF BEIJING (BTBU) visited CERPTA. Delegation comprised Dr. SUNBaoguo, Vicepresident of the BTBU, Dr. HUANG Zhigang, Dean of the School of Materials and Mechanical Engineering and Dr. ZHENG Fuping, Vicedean of the School of Food and Engineering Chemistry.
The BTBU has 10schools and one independent school, with 43 degrees, 35 degrees, 3 masters and some joint doctoral programs. It has two industrial testing centers nationwide, an experimental center for practical teaching of national laboratories and two municipal. The BTBU has a great partnership with Chinese companies in the field of food and food additives. Besides cooperating with the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Vice Chancellor, Dr. SUN Baoguo, who is the vicepresident.
The Project Manager and the Head of Processes of CERPTA, Dr MartinBuffa and Joan Miquel Quevedo, respectively, presented several international projects in the field of Food Technology where CERPTA is involved. During the visit also explored possible joint actions between CERPTA and BTBU.


CERPTA assists to Food and Health Entrepreneurship Program

AutonomusUniversity of Barcelona (UAB) collaborates with University of California Davis (UCD)to bring the Food and Health Entrepreneurship Program (FHEP) to Europe with thesupport of UAB Research Park (PRUAB) and Institute of Agriculture and FoodResearch and Technology (IRTA).

FHEPis a one-week program open to international academic researchers and engineersworking in relevant food fields. The attendees of the Program  will learn how to transfer the knowledge tothe food sector, meet with investors, business managers from companies, andother entrepreneurs.

TheProgram combines seminars, mentoring and networking sessions in an innovativeformat to help the attendees to evaluate their research for commercialopportunities.


CERPTA participates in the VI High Pressure School held in Oviedo

The VI High Pressure School is the continuation of a number of schools dedicated to study the behavior of matter under extreme conditions of pressure (and temperature). The high pressure is an attractive and multidisciplinary field in recent decades has experienced extraordinary growth.


CERPTA in Bolivia

A researcher of CERPTA teaches a course on "Fermented Foods" at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Cochabamba, Bolivia), organized by the Biology Department of the same university.

The topics covered during the course, after an introduction to food fermentations,were fermentation of cereals and legumes (with special attention to the improvement of their nutritional value), the development of fermented products and the technology of fermented milk.