Planta de Tecnología dels Aliments

We are dedicated to the development and improvement of food products and processes through projects and agreements with enterprises. Thanks to our facilities we are able to carry out:

- Laboratory analysis and tests.
- Tests on an industrial scale.

Our pilot plant is equipped with low-capacity industrial machinery, which enables us to evaluate the optimum processes according to predefined specifications.

- Final validation

Following the industrial production of the optimized process, we are able to pack commercial samples and evaluate the final product (physicochemical and microbiological characteristics, test of useful shelf life, sensorial acceptance, etc.)

- Consultancy on the implantation of the process on the client’s facilities.

Within each project or agreement we will perform all the necessary services to control the quality of the products: 

  • Composition studies (proteins, aminoacids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.)
  • Textural studies (instrumental and sensorial)
  • Color studies (instrumental and sensorial)
  • Calculation of useful shelf life
  • Determination of physicochemical and microbiological parameters
  • Clotting studies, etc.